Dr Tim Bulkeley : Academic Curriculum Vitae

Dr Tim BULKELEY (tim@carey.ac.nz)
Present Position:
Old Testament Lecturer, Carey Baptist College
Honorary Lecturer in Theology, University of Auckland
Academic Qualifications:
1981 PhD Theology (University of Glasgow)
1977 MA Theology (University of Oxford)
1973 BA (Hons)Theology (University of Oxford)
1970 BSc (Hons) General Science - Psychology (University of Leicester)
Promotions and distinctions:
1982 Professeur associé
1986 Professeur
2002 Distinguished Teaching Award: University of Auckland
Past Appointments:
1973-1974 V.S.B. Belfast: Volunteer
1974-1977 Upper Studley Baptist Church; Minister
1980-1992 Baptist Missionary Society; Missionary, 
Faculté de théologie protestante au Zaire, Lecturer
Taught as "visitor" at:
Ecole baptiste de théologie, Yakusu, Zaire;
Faculté de théologie kimbanguiste, Lutendele, Zaire;
Faculté de théologie réformé au Kasai, Kananga, Zaire;
Dept of Biblical Studies University of Sheffield, England;
Scottish Baptist College, Glasgow, Scotland
Distinguished Teaching Award 2001 (University of Auckland)
Research activities/interests:
Multimedia Bible Commentary; the poetics of the Hebrew Bible, especially rhetorical and readerly approaches to the prophetic corpus; the use of "prose particles" in Classical Hebrew; cohesion and coherence
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Various papers in French delivered in Zaire during 1982-1991 are not included here.