If God is against you...: 5:21-6:14

The second major part of the book begins with two collections of material, which together develop and fill out the content of the first part of the book.

The first 5:21-27 builds directly on the saying about Adonai's Day becoming a day of disaster for Israel to announce that all their attempts at worship are worthless because they rest on a foundation of injustice and oppression that is unacceptable to God.

Chapter six develops this further. First with a condemnation specifically addressed to the elite (6:1-7), then a collection (6:8-14) that points out both the comprehensive nature of the destruction that is coming, and God's intimate involvement in initiating it (leaving no room for appeal even to their own military prowess).

The title I have provided is a deliberate reversal of what the Christian apostle Paul wrote (Romans 8:31) Amos' thought seems to be: "If God is against us, who then is for us?" For this reversal seems to sum up the theme that unites this disparate material.


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