The belief in, and confession of, one unique god is called monotheism. Biblical religion which knows only one creator-God, who not only made but also rules everything is thoroughly and even aggressively monotheistic (think of the polemics against idols, for example Is 40:18ff.).

Yet there are hints in the Bible that popular Israelite religion was not always quite in tune with this demand (e.g. Ex 34:13; Dt 7:5; Jdg 3:7; 1 Kgs 14:23; 2 Kgs 13:6; 17:6ff.; 18:4; 21:3; Is 27:9; Jer 7:18; 17:2; Mic 5:13).

Monotheist theology is driven to affirm that even the evil that we experience is ultimately God's responsibility (see e.g. the book of Job or Am 3:6).

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