Israel lies on a major fault-line that forms the Jordan Valley and continues on south to form the African "Rift". Earthquakes are not uncommon in the region. However, there is evidence in the Bible that the quake in Uzziah's day was especially memorable, cf. Zech 14:5 which refers to it long after it happened.

Yadin's excavations at Hazor showed two unusual features on the boundary of strata V and VI. Level V buildings were reconstructions of the previous level and many had two layers of floor. Some walls in stratum VI were "tilted" and the floors had ceiling fragments on them. Yadin describes these phenomena as "unusual" (p.150) and explains them as the result of destruction by earthquake. Level V dates from the reign of Pekah Ben-Remaliah so the one destroyed by earthquake is very likely from the time of Jeroboam II. If this interpretation is correct then we have evidence of a great earthquake in his reign, referred to by Zech and Am 1:1.

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